T’s & C’s

In consideration for your dog being permitted to be a client at Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming you make the following representations and agree to all of the following policies, procedures, terms and conditions:

1. Consent

You entrust your pet to Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming for the purpose of grooming your dog. You understand and are aware that all due care will be taken with your dog for the safety of the dog and the groomer. You are aware that neglect of your dog’s coat can be a cause for problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation. If your dog is wiggly or does not remain still during grooming, accidents can happen such as nicks/scrapes from clippers or scissors.

2. Matted coat

If a dog requires more than 3 hours work due to excessive matting or overdue appointment, Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming reserve the right to stop the grooming and request the dog comes for a return visit, at an additional charge to the owner. 
If a dog is overly matted due to missed/failed/cancelled appointments, Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming reserve the right to clip out any mats and charge an additional de-matting fee. All clip-offs and different styles due to this will be checked with, and consent given by, the owner before work is carried out.
You are aware that if your dog’s coat is matted, you have the following two (2) options:

1. You can brush the coat out and return at a later time for grooming.

2. Request a shave down and start over. Additional fees may apply.

3. Personal property

You agree that Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming shall not be responsible or liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property belonging either to your dog or you. You also understand and agree that your dog’s collar may be removed in the grooming area to prevent injury to any dog.

4. Right to refuse service

Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming has the right to refuse service for any reason it deems. In the event of a dog that cannot be groomed safely without danger to the groomer/employees/ or others, Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming will refuse to groom the dog but will offer training and desensitisation services in place of a grooming appointment (at a cost). Grooming services may be stopped mid-groom if necessary, for the safety of the dog or groomer. Grooming fees will still be applied.

5. Abandoned dogs

No dog may be abandoned at Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming. You agree that you will not neglect to pick up your dog from being groomed or day-care by the time he/she is scheduled to leave without providing notification. Any dog that is left at Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming without any contact, instruction or notification time from you, of the ability, willingness or plans to pick him/her up by myself or your personal representative or agent, will be considered abandoned upon the second day of such notification failure. You understand that if you abandon your dog at Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming, Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming will, by default, become the legal owner and guardian of the dog. Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming will, in its sole discretion, determine whether to try to rehome and adopt the dog from the Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming location at which he/she was abandoned or will relinquish the dog to an unrelated shelter of its choice you fully understand and agree that if you abandon your dog at Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming you may be unable to retrieve possession of your dog and will have no recourse against Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming as provided for below.

6. Dog photos and video release

You agree to allow at any Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming location, its owners, employees, officers, directors and agents to use your dog’s name and any images or likeness of your dog taken while he/she is at the grooming salon, in any form or format, for use, at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials. You agree that this provision shall be binding on you and all of your successors, heirs, legal representatives and assigns.
If you do not want your dogs picture taken, please let us know

7. Duty to disclose

You have disclosed and will continue to disclose on an ongoing basis, any and all medical or other conditions, including but not limited to personality concerns or behaviours that may affect, limit or prevent your dog’s ability to participate in play time or otherwise attend Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming.

8. Acceptance and acknowledgement of grooming participation risk

You fully understand that;
(a) there are inherent and potential risk involved with interactions between humans and dogs, as well as between dogs and other dogs, which may result in property damage or bodily injury, including but not limited to, permanent disability, sickness or death to human or dog; and
(b) there may be other risks not known to you nor readily foreseeable at this time (collectively, “risk”). You fully accept and assume all risks and responsibility for all risks, including, without limitation, all losses, costs and damages incurred as a result of your dog’s participation in being groomed, including any veterinarian expenses incurred on behalf of your dog. Sickness shall be defined to include any illness including but not limited to bordetella (kennel cough) or any other form of contagious illness.

9. Veterinarian liabilities and care

You agree to allow Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming to obtain medical treatment for your dog, if, in its sole discretion it appears that, he/she is ill, injured or exhibits any other behaviour that would reasonably suggest that your dog may need medical treatment. You agree that you are fully responsible for the cost of any such medical treatment and for the cost of any transportation for the purposes of such treatment, provided to your dog. Should your dog sustain an injury in the care of Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming you will notify them within 24 hours of the last appointment and seek veterinary advice immediately.

10. Waiver, release and indemnification

You hereby agree to expressly and forever generally waive, discharge claims, indemnify, release from liability, save, hold harmless, and defend Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming, their invitees, sponsors, advertisers, owners, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, representatives, lessors, and all others having interest in Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming (the “releases’) from and against any and all injury, liability, claims, litigation, actions, suits, costs, losses, damages, attorney’s fees, expenses or demands of every character whatsoever on the account of, arising out of, resulting from or relating in any way to (you) any act or omission of the releases’, including negligence, and (ii) your or your dog’s participation in being groomed or daycare, or otherwise. You agree that this release shall be binding on you and your successors, heirs, legal representatives, and assigns. You also expressly and forever release Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming from any duty to protect you or your dog(s) from injury of any kind, and agree that even if Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming chooses to implement safety precautions, such actions shall not alter the fact that you have released Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming from any duty to protect you or your dog(s).

11. Cancellation policy

Unless 48 hours’ notice is given for cancellation of appointment, your deposit will not be refunded and an invoice for full payment of the appointment will be sent. You understand that failing to pay this will be considered by Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming as theft of services and the appropriate legal action will be taken.

12. Creative grooming

Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming only use cruelty free and vegan products in the salon that are made for use on pets. You understand that Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming cannot guarantee that your pet will not have a reaction to the product and Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming will not be responsible for any vet attention needed as it is at your own risk. You will make Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming aware of any reactions your dog has within 24 hours of application and seek vet attention immediately. You are aware that some dyes can run when wet and understand that Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming advise keeping pets off any furniture or carpets that it may transfer onto when wet.

13. Aggressive, anxious, boisterous dogs

You understand that any dog will only have work done which they will tolerate. All work will, however, be attempted. You understand that if your dog struggles with being groomed Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming reserve the right to refuse service and receive full payment. You understand that the best course of action may be attending training sessions provided by Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming.

14. Fleas and other parasites

You confirm that your dog is up to date with flea and worm treatment as prescribed from your vet. If fleas or other parasites are found on your dog during a groom, Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming reserve the right to refuse service and receive full payment as well as an added charge (see below) in order to treat the salon for said parasite. If you notice that your pet has parasites prior to your grooming appointment, you will notify Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming immediately and rearrange your appointment for after there is no longer an infestation.

15. Extra charges

• Cancellation fee – you understand that if you are unable to attend your appointment, the whole grooming fee will be applied unless 48 hours’ notice is given

• Matting fee – if your dog is matted, an additional charge of £10

• Late collection – a kennel charge of £10 will be made for every 15 minutes your dog remains after the collection time given to you during drop-off

• Flea infestation fee – £20 plus the full cost of the groom

16. Complaints

If, for any reason, you are not happy with any aspect of your dog’s grooming experience, or if your dog has had any medical issues afterwards you will let Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming know within 24 hours of the last appointment. Sometimes it can be difficult interpreting a customer’s requests exactly, but this can be easily rectified.

17. Pricing quotes

You understand that when given a price quote from Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming it is an estimated price that may increase or decrease depending on your dog’s behaviour, coat, styling and length of time taken to groom the dog. You understand that Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming has the right to increase or decrease the price after initial quote is given and you will pay in full.

18. Late pick up

You agree that if you do not pick up your dog from Fifi’s Holistic Dog Grooming at the agreed time that day-care fees will be applied on top of your grooming fees.

19. Vouchers & Offers

  • Regular terms and conditions apply
  • Limit one discount voucher per client (new).
  • Vouchers are one use only
  • Vouchers are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged for monetary value
  • Discount only applies for existing client after referred friend’s dog has been in for a groom
  • Voucher only applies for full grooms and bubble baths. Not valid for solo treatments (teeth cleaning or nail clips)
  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with another offer
  • Voucher cannot be redeemed after expiry date
  • Lost stolen or destroyed vouchers will not be valid
  • Voucher needs to be physically given at the time you wish to use it. Will not accept a photo of the voucher
  • Cancellations – regular terms and conditions apply. If you cancel without giving 48 hours of notice your payment and voucher will not be refunded
  • Recommend a friend voucher is only for an existing client of Fifi’s Dog Grooming Empawrium to give to a potential new client that has not been before
  • Unless specified vouchers are limited to one dog.