I offer a free 15-minute consultation prior to a holistic dog grooming appointment. This is where I meet you and your dog to discuss things before booking a grooming appointment. In the consult I can assess your dog, discuss styling and then give you a more accurate quote for pricing. I cannot give an accurate quote without first seeing you and your dog in person. You will need to book in for a consultation as I work by appointment only.

With the variety of dog breeds, sizes, coat types and styling, I have decided to do my pricing based on an hourly rate rather than having set pricing. This is why a FREE consultation is required.

During the consult I will assess your dog’s behaviour, coat and reaction to the dryer/nail clippers/grooming table/ bath. This will help me to determine how long it would take me to groom your dog, and if they need any extra guidance when it comes to grooming training.

I will also be able to discuss styling, what look you would like to go for and what spa treatments would benefit your dog. This way in person, you can easily show me exactly what you want, how long, how short etc.

The added benefit of having a consult prior to a grooming session is they have a positive experience at the salon! They get lots of fuss, treats and play! This means that your dog and I have the chance to create a bond, which is really important in holistic grooming.

At the end of the consultation I take a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the grooming appointment. This can be either cash or card. Please make sure to bring these with you, I cannot secure a grooming appointment without a deposit. Please make sure that the person who brings the dog for the consultation is the person who is in charge of how the dog looks…so I don’t get told the wrong thing and then get told off by your other half!

If our dog is anxious on consultation, I would advise bringing them for a grooming confidence session. This is an hour session where I work with your dog to get them comfortable in the salon and work to ease their anxieties.

Unfortunately, I am unable to take on any Large or Extra Large dog breeds.