Spa Treatments

Spa treatments, because your dog needs pampering too! All are £5 each and mix and match 3 for the price of 2!

Melon and Cucumber Facial Spa Treatment

Our Milly’s Melon and Cucumber facial scrub smells divine! Massaging the scrub helps to lift tear staining, but is still gentle on the eyes. The melon and cucumber scent leaves a long lasting freshness to your dogs face that will keep them smelling sweet when they give you kisses!

Daisy always has a facial, it really has helped her tear staining!

Organic Hemp and Shea Butter Paw Balm Massage Spa Treatment

Our Hownd Organic Hemp and Shea Butter Paw Balm, soothes and protects your dogs paws, nose and pads. This spa treatment helps to protect your dog’s paws against the harsh surfaces, grit and ice as well as containing SPF for the summer months. The balm is calmly massaged into the paws and pads, leaving them feeling smooth and nourished

Fifi loves the paw balm massage!

Miracle Deep Conditioning Masque Spa Treatment

Our Hownd Miracle Deep Conditioning Masque is made with Lily of the Valley, Orange essential oils and Amber. This masque is packed full of active conditioning ingredients, nutrients and vitamins to nourish your dog’s coat and leave it looking shiny and felling as soft as silk!

Scooby is always treated to a deep conditioning masque!

Witchhazel & Tea Tree Ear Cleansing massage Spa Treatment

Our Milly’s Witchhazel & Tea Tree Ear Cleansing massage is perfect for keeping ears clean and free from wax and debris, providing relief from any irritation. This ear cleanser is pH Balanced and contains cucumber and aloe Vera extract for a soothing effect.

Look at those ears! Taffy always loves an ear clean!

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