Holistic Dog Grooming

Full Dog Groom

Our Full dog groom includes a luxury bubble bath using our natural, vegan and cruelty free shampoo from Milly’s. We use special airflow technology to dry your dog that fluffs up the coat an leaves it soft and silky. To ensure no knots are left behind, your dogs coat is brushed and combed thoroughly . This helps to refine the coat of dead hair. Your dog is then styled to your specification for instance; breed standard, pet trim, low maintenance or a custom cut (my favourite!)

Luxury De-shedding Treatment

Removing the dead hair is very important for double coated breeds. They need weekly or sometimes daily brushing to remove it! Our luxury de-shedding treatment helps to keep knots and matting at bay, keep the coat waterproof and freeing the undercoat of dead hair helps with thermo-regulation. This treatment special products and techniques that help your dogs coat feel soft and sleek again. We use vegan and cruelty free brand Hownd Miracle Deep Conditioning Repair Masque. The masque includes premium ingredients such as Colloidal Oatmeal, Jojoba Seed Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Evening Primrose, Jojoba Seed Oil & Aloe Vera. This treatment helps to improve brushing and de-tangling, reduce brittleness and breakage and sooth dry irritated skin. We recommend this treatment for every 8 weeks . This treatment would be perfect for Labradors, Pugs & Pomeranian’s. Unfortunately, I cannot accept Large and Extra Large Breeds for this treatment.

Decadent Spa Bubblebath

Do you have a mucky pup that needs a pamper? This is the treatment for you! Why not give your pooch a pamper in-between grooms to keep the knots or dirty dog smell at bay. Our Spa Bubble bath treatment includes: A bubble bath using our natural, vegan and cruelty free shampoo, a de-shedding brush out and nail trim. Perfect for breeds such as Staffies, Jack Russels, Boxers etc. that are short smooth haired.

Creative Dog Grooming

At Fifi’s we love to create custom looks and styles that make your pet stand out from the crowd! I love trying out Asian fusion styles, vintage poodle cuts and custom styles that suit your dog’s body and personality. For a bit of fun, I offer creative colouring! I use vegan and cruelty free dyes. We only use pet safe products. No bleaching products are used! Pricing starts from £10+ depending on type of dye and design.

Check out the Gallery for more photos of my dog grooms!