Puppy University

Here at Fifi’s we are passionate about making your dogs grooming experience the best it can be. The best way to start their grooming journey is to enroll them into Puppy University. No dog is born used to the grooming process, like teaching your pup to sit, walk on a lead, off lead, paw or roll over these life skills take time to introduce
and perfect. This is why we like to introduce your dog to the grooming process slowly over a course of 3/5 weeks allowing your dog to build confidence and trust.

Puppy university Pawspectus

When can my puppy enroll?

The best time to introduce your pup to grooming is as soon as they are vaccinated as this is their optimum time for learning. We like to enrol your pup and complete the 3/5 weekly sessions before your pup turns 6 months old.

What does the course involve?

We introduce your pup to each stage of the grooming process slowly over 3/5 sessions. These sessions are weekly building up to a full groom. If your pup is especially nervous or needs that little more time we can extend the sessions if necessary. Please note 3 sessions are for short haired breeds and 5 sessions for dogs that need haircuts more regularly.

Graduation Day!

On the last day of the course your dog will get a certificate and a photo will be taken to announce to the world your clever pup has completed Puppy University!